1. London & LCF



I have never imagined what I would expect for my new departure. I have never been to UK before, letting alone picturing me studying in the heart of UK, London. There is no other city like London, a city known for its history, architecture, art, literature, and so much more. What I truly love about London is its vibe.


The first day at LCF was full of nervousness since I went to school straight from airport. The diversity of central London, where the LCF is located in, strikes me the first moment as I stepped out of the Holborn subway station. Trench coat, skinny jeans, flats and umbrellas are the essentials that I observed to complete the London look.Untitled-1

Fashion Buying and Merchandising not the first fashion program that I attend, but it is definitely something that I have been dreaming of for a long time. In my education experience, all my class sections are small, around 10 to 16 people in each class. To my surprise, my first lecture was with about over 50 Fashion Buying and Merchandising students. I always enjoy studying with a big group of people so that various perspectives and opinions can be heard. I never know the difference in responsibility in terms of being a buyer or a merchandiser. The first few courses focused on course outlines and principles, but most importantly, they made me understand about the roles and daily operations of buying and merchandising offices. Based on the time table and class schedule that LCF provides, it is not really difficult to predict that I am going to have a busy year and learn a lot of hands on skills such as photoshop and excel for working as a buyer and a merchandiser. Even though I am not really bad at math, I do look forward to seeing if I will truly understand the math for merchandising and retail.

I couldn’t wait to explore the city and those legendary department stores in London. Dover Street Market London, Liberty, Selfridges, and Harrods. As my new London friends in class told me these are the most renowned and worth-visiting department stores in town. I love each store and its own unique characteristics. Dover Street Market London definitely has the most diversity in styles. Though the retail space is quite limited, the merchandises on the sales floor reflected on the relationship between DSM and Comme des Garçons. The whole store is greatly influenced by Japanese culture and designers. Liberty, on libertythe other hand, with a taste of original London fashion. The architecture of the department store is truly stunning. The wooden structure and floors inside  gave the store a vintage touch.

Selfridges is the store that had the highest traffic flow when I visited. I was really surprised how many mega brands are located on the same floor. While I was browsing and window shopping, I saw a lot of Chinese customers and Korean. It seems like Selfridges is the go-to luxury shopping destination for most international consumers.

In my whole London department stores exploring trip, the store that attracted me most was Harrods, not only because of its history and legend, but more importantly because of its amazing window display. When I visited, the theme of the display was Celebrating 40 Years of Brioni at Harrods. It was full of
creativity, London signature styles and a lot of humor as well. Harrods did a great job at not just selling one product, or one brand, but one kind of lifestyle that everyone desires.

The glass window was quite reflective, which gave me a touch time getting the image that I want. However, I found the combination of the fast-spinning images and the reflection very interesting. The window attracked each one’s attention and then lost it.

Youtube Video: Harrods Window: youtu.be/hP3RN3KsoQA

YouTube Preview Image


harrodsWell, what can be even more fascinating than that? A gorgeous food hall on the main floor!