We got LVMH. Charlotte and Francesca said. I couldn’t even hide the excitement that I yell out loud. LVMH is the company that I dream to work for and this is a great opportunity for me not only to complete a school project with passion but also to do a comprehensive research to better know the history, identity and the financial part of the fashion enterprise.

Youtube Video: LVMH Corporate Film 2012: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVrbHJl7u3g

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The whole process started with tons of research, which includes online resources, editorial contents, campaigns, major publications, and most importantly, store visit. Doing store visiting was actually a lot fun since it is the perfect chance to look closely to every aspects of the high end fashion boutiques, observe the people who go in to the store and talk to them. We focused on visiting the stores Bond Street, where is the center of luxury retailing in London. The stores of  brands owned by LVMH, such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Celine, had the most extraordinary interior design, garments and customer services, which out-stand their major competitors. A fun fact was that after talking with a sales manager at Christian Dior and changed our contact information, I was invited to their trunk show, which showcased their 2016 cruise collection.


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Even though we originally thought that each of us was able to introduce one brand, unfortunately, during our first rehearsal, we realized that it would not be possible to go over everything in depth within 10 mins of presentation. Eventually, we cut it down to Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Loewe and Kenzo, 4 fashion houses which represent the Legacy, craftsmanship, heritage and forward thinking prospects of LVMH.





The working process was very efficient and everyone of us contributed a lot into this presentation. Basically, we met as many times as possible and discuss our opinions and research findings via Google drive and Whatsapp. Working in a team enables me to listen to others and be more open-minded towards different perspectives while polishing my speaking and communication skills at the same time.

Coordinating with people is not an easy task. It takes time and patience to learn how to express my thoughts without being too aggressive, and take in different opinions.

And the most important thing: rehearse, rehearse and rehearse.

2. The T Shirt Challenge



The T shirt design activity in ISHE seminar was quite an interesting project. I never consider myself as a design person but T shirt design challenge was simple enough in terms of my drawing skills.

When I was drawing the inspiration for the T shirt, an Acne Studios college project T shirt design came across my mind. A slogan T shirt is never that difficult for a person who can not draw at all. More importantly, a slogan T shirt is also a simple and direct way to show public their thoughts or opinions in general. I did some sketches in class while cleaned it up with photoshop and combined it with my logo. As it is shown below:After You Tee


After you: always referred to a polite formula suggesting someone goes in front of or take a turn before oneself. In big cities, where I grow up and live, people are always all tight up and trying to rush from one place to another, trying to meet another deadline or catch another meeting. This slogan T shirt that I designed was just a little reminder for people to take a break and be polite to each other.

I used brush stroke to give the t shirt a softer touch, hope to make it look more relaxing and casual. While I was doing this project, I found the creation library from WGSN was really helpful as they have thousands of different flats under different garment categories. I believe that it will probably be a very handy design database in the future for my creative projects.