2. The T Shirt Challenge



The T shirt design activity in ISHE seminar was quite an interesting project. I never consider myself as a design person but T shirt design challenge was simple enough in terms of my drawing skills.

When I was drawing the inspiration for the T shirt, an Acne Studios college project T shirt design came across my mind. A slogan T shirt is never that difficult for a person who can not draw at all. More importantly, a slogan T shirt is also a simple and direct way to show public their thoughts or opinions in general. I did some sketches in class while cleaned it up with photoshop and combined it with my logo. As it is shown below:After You Tee


After you: always referred to a polite formula suggesting someone goes in front of or take a turn before oneself. In big cities, where I grow up and live, people are always all tight up and trying to rush from one place to another, trying to meet another deadline or catch another meeting. This slogan T shirt that I designed was just a little reminder for people to take a break and be polite to each other.

I used brush stroke to give the t shirt a softer touch, hope to make it look more relaxing and casual. While I was doing this project, I found the creation library from WGSN was really helpful as they have thousands of different flats under different garment categories. I believe that it will probably be a very handy design database in the future for my creative projects.

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